Sweet potato potage

Ingredients (3 Serving)

Frozen baked sweet potato (defrosted) 0.78-0.88 lb (350-400g)
Medium size Yellow onion                  1/2
Dried parsley                         1 pinch
Milk                                  13.5 Oz (450ml)
Water                              3.38 Oz (100ml)
Bouillon powder                           1/2 Tsp
Salt                                   1/3 Tsp
Salted-Butter                           0.04 lb(20g)
Ground Cumin                         1 pinch


1. Slice half onion and peel sweet potatoes and cut into large chunks

2. Heat  0.04 lb(20g) of salted butter in middle size pot
Stir onion until soft and add sweet potato chunks and mix them lightly

3. Pour 3.38 Oz (100ml) of water and bouillon powder into the pot and bring to the boil

4. Pour milk 3.38 Oz (100ml) and mix them by using hand blender medium speed
*If you use blender, after the let them cool slightly add them into it

5. Add milk little by little and mix them.
    Add a pinch of ground cumin 

6. Transfer to bowls and put dried parsley on top