So nutritious it’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, or snacktime!

"Semi-complete meal"

When it comes to sweet and nutritious produce that is an ideal addition to any meal, Beniharuka tops the list. Sweet potatoes are a great way to get an easy energy boost with their abundant carbohydrates, and are so packed with nutrients that in Japan they’re known for being a “semi-complete meal” on their own! All you need to do is add protein and fat and you have all of the nutrition you need in a single meal. While the vitamin C in vegetables is usually water-soluble, which means it often leaks out during the cooking process, the vitamin C in sweet potatoes is wrapped in starch, which helps prevent this leaking from happening.

Bananas are another easy and delicious nutrient-rich food, but you probably have never compared them to sweet potatoes.
Here is a comparison of our “Beyond Sweetness Potatoes” and bananas to show you the high nutrient content of bananas.

Bananas are also nutrient-filled produce that are popular with all kinds of audiences, but they’re not usually considered comparable with sweet potatoes, in spite of their many similarities. Here’s a comparison of the nutrition provided by bananas and Beniharuka sweet potatoes, to show just how much they manage to pack in!